Friday 5 March 2021

NEW #16 - Mette


Remember Lemon by N.E.R.D and Rihanna? If you’ve seen the video then you’ll already be familiar with today’s new artist Mette Towley – she’s the dancer who gets her hair shaved off. 

It’s dance that Mette has suggested is her first love in the past – she’s posted as such on her Instagram. However, she seems to be making a very good job of being a singer as well. In fact if you’ve seen her being featured on any other music website over the last few days you’ll see that she seems to have changed her mind, now saying that music is her first love. 

Her debut track Petrified, which is out this week, is a hooky dance floor friendly pop song. More than that it grooves with class.

OK, there are hundreds of hooky dance floor friendly pop songs but this stands out because of its immaculate production and a simple but sophisticated video in which Mette horrifies the health and safety police by riding backwards on a chunky 3-wheeler with no helmet before serving up some sharp shooting dance moves. She also has clearly mastered the ability to hard stare at the camera man.

It’s her first track, so it could all go downhill from here, but based on this Mette might just be your new favourite 'she's got it all' pop star in the making.

You can find Petrified on this week's Breaking More Waves New Music Weekly playlist by clicking here.

Mette - Petrified

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