Saturday 28 November 2020

Ones to Watch 2021 #4 Ivorian Doll


If you take one look at some of the comments on Ivorian Doll’s rather brilliant and fiery Body Bag video and you’ll see that I’m not the only one to think she’s one to watch for 2021:

"This should have a million views by now." (Note: It almost has 3 months later)

"This girl is not playing."

"Minute of silence for those who are sleeping on her."

"She could be as big as Nicki Minaj the UK just gotta be behind her."

All of these comments are 100% correct.

Watch the video and you’ll see why Ivorian Doll could quite possibly be the UK’s first female drill-pop crossover artist. Even if you’re not a fan of rap you’ll see that she has the personality, lyrics, flow and style to blow up and become a star. She doesn’t hold back – she goes hard – and is happy to let us know that she’s in charge.

So who is Ivorian Doll? She’s one Vanessa Mahi, a UK based You Tuber turned rapper who started her career by collaborating with Abigail Asante and then in 2019 released a statement of intent in the form of single Queen of Drill. Since then her April 2020 release Rumours, which contains lines like “they said I'm leaking from the STDs that I got,” received a lot of internet love (over 4 million Spotify streams and 5 million You Tube plays for the school classroom video - a Britney / Hit Me Baby video for 2020) and Ivorian Doll was out of first gear with her foot on the accelerator. 

With her combination of heavy drill intensity but with a pop sensibility Ivorian Doll is one to watch for 2021. She's on fire. It's time to get invested.

Ivorian Doll - Body Bag

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