Sunday 4 August 2019

New Music: Lxandra - Swimming Pools

A sign of a hooky song is if you hear it live once and then several months later come across the recorded form for the first time and instantly remember it. Such is the case with Swimming Pools by Lxandra, her latest single. I caught her earlier this year at Great Escape Festival singing in a jazz club with the tiniest of stages and lowest of ceilings. It was there that she delivered one of the best vocal performances I heard all weekend. The first time I played this since that time it was instantly familiar.

There’s a touch of what I think we can now refer to as the ‘Adele pianos’ on Swimming Pools. Lxandra explains it’s about being happy with what you have and showing a middle finger to the expectations from society and the world that runs on money.  So, the basic message is remember who you are and where you came from. I’d assume that this probably doesn’t apply if you are a super-posh trust fund kid with an overly inflated bank account though.

Whilst the track has been out for a short while, this video has only just made it out into the world. Lxandra is currently working on her debut album.

Lxandra - Swimming Pools (Video)

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