Friday 26 January 2018

New Music: Swimming Girls - Back Of Your Car

Earlier today I posted James Blake’s If The Car Behind You Moves Ahead and now here we are with Swimming Girls Back Of Your Car. Is it national pop stars in cars day? Did I miss something?

The band’s third song to be released comes with (of course) a promo picture featuring some of the group sitting in the back seat of a car, but it looks like there wasn’t room for all of them. Perhaps this explains why they all look pretty sad about the whole affair. Or maybe it's because they're not wearing seatbelts and are concerned about their safety, especially as it appears the driver is not looking where he is going?

The band really shouldn’t be looking sad though. After all what they have created here is what is known in the trade as a bit of an indie banger. It’s all synths and guitars and hooks and lyrics about setting suns, sea, sand and sweet lemonade. In other words, it's very good.

A few weeks ago I caught Swimming Girls supporting Pale Waves at The Lexington where they were very well received, so on the basis of that and the fact they now have three good tunes out there, I’d expect their next gig at The Lock Tavern in Camden on 31st March to be a pretty popular affair. 

Oh, and finally, regular readers will probably remember that I was getting pretty obsessed with the phenomenon that was (and still is) musicians doing photoshoots in the bath. Well take a look over at Swimming Girl’s Facebook page to see if they have joined the club or not (here)

Swimming Girls - Back Of Your Car

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