Tuesday 9 January 2018

New Music: INHEAVEN - Sweet Dreams Baby

Indie rock is dead. Guitar music is dead. Bands are dead. Blah blah blah. 

Maybe to you Mr / Ms Music Journalist. But not to me. Music doesn’t die. To treat it as such is to treat it as fashion. Or your latest one-night stand before you move onto your next conquest. Music is for life. Sure, indie rock might not be bursting at the seams with original ideas right now, but that’s perhaps because it has simply reached the equivalent of middle age in much the same way as folk music has. Yet you don’t see people saying folk music is dead just because The Dubliners haven’t had a no.1 album do you? It’s something I’ve argued numerous times on this blog and will continue to do so until this blog stops. 

And if you are looking for change or a revolution in ideas in indie rock then even if it’s not happening artistically, it’s happening in the politics of gender. Whereas in the past indie was dominated by men, now we are slowly moving forward to a position of equality. There's still a long way to go but things are gradually shifting.

So let’s forget all the R.I.P indie rock crap that gets written and just celebrate good music, whatever genre it is.

Here’s one example. A new song from INHEAVEN that follows their debut self-titled album last year. Sweet Dreams Baby is a pure and unfiltered slice of indie rock goodness. The drums pound, the guitars create all sorts of noisy atmospherics and in amongst it all a triumphant chorus gasps. The second best song to feature the words sweet dreams in the title. They've still got to go some to beat Eurythmics though.

The band start a UK tour in my hometown of Portsmouth on January 31st (where they are supported by Brighton’s Thyla and the Isle of Wight’s Freazy) and follow that up by heading out to the USA to support Pale Waves.

INHEAVEN - Sweet Dreams Baby (Video)

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