Friday 26 January 2018

New Music: James Blake - If The Car Behind You Moves Ahead (Video)

The last time James Blake featured on Breaking More Waves he was offering us all something rather straightforward, but rather lovely – a cover version of Don McClean’s Vincent - a song about a painting by an artist who is now perceived as a misunderstood genius. Today he goes to the other end of the spectrum with his latest release If The Car Besides You Moves Ahead and you could perhaps argue that the misunderstood genius tag applies here. 

For this is the sort of pop music that I would imagine aliens from outer space make; weird, experimental, glitchy with vocals that are cut up and pitch-shifted to the point where the song becomes less of a song and more of a collage of sound. It’s the sort of jam that a lot of people are probably going to play 30 seconds of and then press skip, but for me there’s something about its whole oddness that I really like. Somebody on You Tube commented that the song was both strangely relaxing and anxiety inducing at the same time – and I think that’s about right. Somebody else also commented that the song was a total mess. I also agree with that. But I hear the mess in a positive way.

James Blake - If The Car Behind You Moves Ahead (Video)

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