Sunday 5 February 2017

New Music: Embers - Signs (Video)

Whilst in no way does this blog encourage the use of excessive alcohol whilst listening to music, undoubtedly many songs can be enhanced with the odd glass / can / bottle or two. Take for example The Nolans and I’m In The Mood For Dancing. Put that on after everyone’s had a few vodka based cocktails and you’ll be surprised who is suddenly up on the dancefloor flinging their arms and hips around with abandon. 

Mentioning The Nolans in the same breath as Manchester based epic-rock cacophonists Embers isn’t probably something that you would imagine comes naturally, but as I’m reliably informed by the band that new song Signs (their first in an absolute age) is probably listened to best after a bottle and a half of red wine, or at least enough so that you don’t mind the neighbour’s complaints, there is some synergy with the Anglo-Irish singing pop sisters.

Actually, I don’t think my neighbours would complain about this. After all, there’s very little to dislike, and yes, it really is best played very loud. In fact, it’s music that’s best to feel as well as hear, so turn it right up to get the floors and walls vibrating.

Signs is one half of a double A sided release due on 13th March. They also support Clock Opera in Manchester at the Night & Day Café on March 1st, a show that also features recently covered Diving Station.  What a gig that will be - so if you're in the vicinity, get down early.

Embers - Signs (Video)

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