Friday 3 February 2017

New Music: Bad Sounds - Meat On My Bones

Bad Sounds last single Wages managed to channel the spirit of a couple of long lost but hopefully not forgotten pop classics, namely Len’s Steal My Sunshine and The Soup Dragons baggy big hitter I’m Free. It was brassy, groovy, fuzzy and managed to name check John Travolta – always something to aim for in a pop song. 

Now they’re back with Meat On My Bones, which takes a loose old-school hip hop beat and throws all sorts over the top of it. It’s a tech savvy bundle of interesting sounds (I particularly like the sexy sixties organ and the chimes) and easily hits the big gold quirky pop button that everyone can enjoying pressing now and again. It even manages to put the words oesophagus and rhinoceros in one sentence. For that alone it needs to be celebrated. Bad Sounds? Nah. Good good sounds.

Bad Sounds - Meat On My Bones

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