Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Ones to Watch 2015 #8 - Josef Salvat

Pop music is a funny old beast. Some artists seemingly appear out of nowhere and are immediately everywhere (of course the reality is that they’ve been working at it for a while but just haven’t entered the public arena until they think they’re 100% ready – and that readiness includes getting all the right marketing and promotion tools in place as much as it does having a fully brilliant body of work ready to release) whereas for others there’s a slow drip feed and gradual build of momentum before any sort of significant public recognition is achieved.

Josef Salvat could have easily fitted into the first category, after all he made his first appearance on Breaking More Waves in the first half of 2013and at that stage had already picked up by a number of blogs before us. Yet a year and a half later Salvat still isn’t a household name, far from it, but all the signs are now there that come 2015 there will finally be an album. There’s been a debut EP proper ( In Your Prime) in the later part of 2014, dates supporting one of last year’s Ones To Watch Banks on her short UK tour and his own smaller scale tour next year already booked, so it finally seems things are pushing forward.

Yet irrespective of if Salvat becomes a household name or not, all the signs are there that his album might just be the sort of lyrically intimate but musically euphoric pop to cherish. From the self-destructive lyricism of Hustler (below) to the dramatic and poised Shoot And Run, Salvat appears to know how to write a classy tune.

Josef Salvat - Hustler (Video)

Josef Salvat - Diamonds (Cover)

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