Saturday 8 November 2014

Meanwhile - Icarus

We’re big fans of musical family trees at Breaking More Waves, trying to piece together who’s been in what band or helped out with a particular project that then branched into something else. Thanks to Google, mapping out the limbs of the tree has become a lot easier than it did in the olden days and whilst we’re not fully clear on all the links right now, the flamboyantly groovy dude Tom Andrews, who goes by the name of Meanwhile, certainly has a musical past. Before you listen to Icarus below put your ears around Millions by Evryone (here) and you’ll probably see the development.

Icarus is the second track to be taken from the debut EP Element Yes and is all about the flab-free guitar groove that struts and thrusts its funky way across the dancefloors as if Prince, mid 80’s Bowie and Mika had all got together to give us a secret choppy pop thrill. OK that’s a pretty high level of comparison but it gives you a pointer. We’re not sure if there’s a meaning to the song, but for those who don’t know their greek mythology, Icarus flew too close to the sun and it seems that Andrews is referring to himself as Icarus, possibly in connection with his previous musical project?

The Element Yes EP is out in December. We’ll be catching Meanwhile live for the second time in 7 days – keep an eye on our twitter (here) for updates on that.

Icarus - Meanwhile

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