Thursday 12 August 2010

Spark - Love The Way You Lie

If you’re a regular reader of Breaking More Waves you’ll know that we’ve been getting quite excited about Spark. The 18 year old London based singer with the red lipstick, strong pop voice and just a hint of soul appears to be sitting in the elevator having just pressed the up button. We’re looking forward to watching it rise.

Whilst we wait for her next release following the confident start that was Shut Out The Moon, there's a new video that she’s whacked up on the internet. Following the obligatory 'new artist does You Tube cover version' route, Spark performs a version of Love The Way You Lie by Eminem and Rihanna, which you can also grab as a free download from her new website in exchange for your email. The video is about as basic as they come - making Spark look like any typical urban hoodie wearing teenager sitting outside her house - we guess she’s 'keeping it real'.

It’s certainly not going to start the fire that the Eminem and Rihanna video did - there's no domestic violence on this one - the biggest controversy probably being that it isn't a live version, which typically these new artist covers are. So not quite as 'real' as maybe we suggested, which is a shame because a quick search of the internet shows that Spark can sing live very well indeed. However, we've not yet seen Spark play, so we can't judge fully until then, although we hope to bring you a review of one of her gigs come September.

Oh, and that picture above ? No jokes about extinguishers putting out the Spark please. We thought of that one, but it was just too damn obvious.

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