Monday 16 August 2010

NewIslands - Shivers

A second and very short post today to draw to your attention a new song from the Breaking More Waves regulars NewIslands. NewIslands are seemingly an impossible band to pin down. When we first featured their music their sound was big epic synth pop, then with Paradise they gave us a something influenced by mid 80’s stadium rock. Now with Shivers NewIslands throw in wobbly bass lines normally found on a dubstep record and combine it with an organ and synth ballad. Confused ? We are, but only by the variety of the bands material, not the flying majesty of their songs. Shivers, with its escape to the future lyrics and gentle pop warmth deserves your ears. Wrap them round the song now.

Shivers mp3 by NEWISLANDS

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Peter said...

New Islands played Farm Festival this year - they were awesome. Thanks guys.