Thursday, 24 June 2010

Lite N Dark - Nightfever

Just a few days ago we brought you the electro / pop / rap fusion of Lite N Dark. Bringing energy, confidence and big stonking songs to the floor we liked them a lot. Now they’re back with another track - Nightfever. Not to be confused with The Bee Gees song of the same name, this is another unbelievably hot high-energy joyride which lyrically deals with the passion and fall out of a one night stand. From the rush of lust “just go down on me, feel your kiss surrounding me,” to the empty ending “waking up in the morning and I didn’t know your name,” Nightfever is insanely good and in a just world would be blaring out on daytime pop radio.

Listen to the track below and then if you like it, do the right thing and give something back and buy it for whatever price you decide on - the track is up as a pay as much as you like download. Lite N Dark are putting the money they make from sales of the song into a band fund and once they reach three hundred pounds are going to immediately return to the studio to record another song, as this is around how much it costs to make a new track. The more you donate and the more people that buy, the quicker the group can record another track. This process will be repeated indefinitely.

But first press play and enjoy this shot of passion pop. Hot hot heat indeed. Nightfever.

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