Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tom Odell - New Waves

Tom Odell’s Myspace page (yes he’s keeping it 2006 ) includes Jeff Buckley, Ben Folds and Elton John amongst his top ‘friends’.  Add in a bit of Coldplay’s quieter moments, some Billy Joel and the restraint of James Blake and his musical venn diagram is complete. Yes, this troubadour tinkles with the ivories, and to some effect.

Originally hailing from Chichester before re-locating to Brighton, Odell has now moved to London having secured a record deal. He’s been lined up to support Jake Bugg on his winter tour and it’s not difficult to imagine that from there bigger and better things will develop, although ultimately that will be in the hands (and ears) of the public.

So why do we think those bigger and better things might happen? Certainly the backing of a major label helps in terms of exposure and distribution, but the most important factor here is the music. Full of emotional expression and torch song stillness Odell’s songs seem to have been crafted for venues such as churches and theatres rather than the scuzzy toilet venues of the world of indie rock. Another Love (the title track of his forthcoming debut EP) is nothing more than stunning. A sensitive ballad that vocally sounds not that far distant from ex-X Factor turned credible pop man Aiden Grimshaw, it’s at its most commanding when choir backing vocals unburden themselves briefly halfway through. Take a listen below and watch Odell perform another song Sense on video, shot in muted brown colour in one continuous single camera shot. If sensitive young men with a weight of seriousness on their laps are your thing, you'll probably love Tom Odell.

Let’s see what this piano man does next.

Tom Odell - Another Love

Tom Odell - Sense (Video)

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