Monday, 15 October 2012

Jetta - Can You Hear Me (Live Acoustic Video)

Last week we introduced a new artist – the incredible Jetta. So this week we’re starting off with some video footage which demonstrates exactly why that word incredible is fully justified. Here Jetta strips back Can You Hear Me to something raw, fully convincing and delivers the song with an easy and effortless power.

If you’re in London here’s our suggestion this week; no, it’s not a suggestion, it’s a command. Do whatever it takes to find yourself £5. Sell your mums Abba CD’s, steal from a beggar, turn to prostitution, just do it. 

Then take yourself down to Camden Monarch on Wednesday 17 October to watch not only the incredible (we said it again – sometimes repetition is the best kind of reinforcement of a view) Jetta but also another artist who we sneaked onto the blog last May – Laurel – who signed  a deal with one of Universal’s development arms Turnfirst in June (hear her beautiful song Next Time by clicking the link under her name). It will be the best £5 you’ve spent this year. Watch Can You Hear Me and see why we’re not wrong about Jetta. INCREDIBLE.

Jetta - Can You Hear Me (Live)

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