Thursday 18 October 2012

Alice Jemima - By Your Side (Tony Casanova Edit)

We tweeted about this last night, but we thought it deserved a greater degree of permanency than the few minutes of scroll-down visibility that twitter offers.

By now the name Alice Jemima will be instantly recognisable to anybody who has paid a passing interest in Breaking More Waves over the last year and a half. We seem to have adopted her as our own internet side kick/project and the reasons for this are quite simple; every song she creates and uploads seduces us with her brand of calm simplicity and graceful melody. As a songwriter Alice continues to grow in maturity and confidence and yet this blooming talent from Devon is still only nineteen. It seems that we’re not alone in our love for Miss Jemima either, with a whole heap of blogs pushing the original of By Your Side into the Hype Machine charts and a BBC Radio 1 session booked and about to be recorded for future airing.

So today we’re bringing you something a little different from Alice. It would be easy to argue that her songs are so pure, so perfectly formed, that any sort of production or remix will only suck the soul from the beauty of what she creates. So in theory when Berlin based producer Tony Casanova got his hands on By Your Side and remixed it into a house jam it just shouldn’t work. But it does. As Alice’s soft unhurried voice circles and slides into the track halfway through, negative emotions are washed away. Imagine hearing this with friends or someone you love at the end of a big night out, just as the sun is rising, the ground holding an unreal coral orange glow.

“Let’s dance till the morning light,” Alice coos. Now we have a track to do just that to.

You can listen to the original of By Your Side here and buy a copy of her self-produced, home recorded EP on CD that looks like vinyl here.

Alice Jemima - By Your Side (Tony Casanova Edit)

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