Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Celestial Trax - New Waves

From replacing vowels with consonants (with the subtitle The Blvck Ghxst), to a strap line that talks of beats from Shoreditch, Celestial Trax is certainly capturing the zeitgeist right now; and with edgy laptop generated jams the music does much the same. Don’t let that statement put you off though, form your judgements on the quality of the music and the music alone rather than its level of fashion or coolness.

He / she / they (we’re not really sure of real identities at the moment, although there’s a suggestion that they’re a collective) make the sort of electronic future-pop that sounds in equal parts druggy, glitchy, weird and sexy - and if you’re like us you’ll agree there’s nothing better than a sexy tune. (Not this song though). There’s references to the likes of Purity Ring and Aluna George in their sound whilst tracks like Nu Life carry some remnants of the Witch House movement (remember that?) with added laser synth stabs stopping the whole thing becoming too overbearing. You can hear all of this and a bundle more over at Soundcloud here.

Our favourite tune is the horny bubbling and ambient rave-gaze of Family, a collaboration with Vision of Trees, which features a D-I-Y scrapbook style photo video complete with edgy photos of anarchist shop looters, gold bars, hooded figures and images of death. Hear the track below alongside the warmly dripping and vibey r’n’b of White Stare Black Venom. There’s a lot of this stuff around at the moment, but this is some of the best. We like.

Celestial Trax - Family (featuring Visions of Trees)

Celestial Trax - White Stare Black Venom

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