Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Paradise - New Waves

Have you ever been in that situation where you realise that your feelings for someone you’ve always just liked have changed? The dawning thought that friendship isn’t enough anymore? That despite all the logic, you’re about to fall in love?

This is because often the best relationships take time.

Just like our relationship with music.

Yes, of course there’s the giddy f*ck of a brilliant pop song. The one that metaphorically pulls your pants down and has you rapturously up against the wall in seconds on the first listen. But there’s also that song or record that is likeable enough at the beginning, but finally after hanging out with you for a while suddenly kisses your ears unexpectedly in just the right way.

Endless Wave by newcomers Paradise is one of those records. Initially it sounds nice, pleasant even, but hardly the stuff of revelation, but then the more you hear it the more likely you’ll be sighing with joy and falling in love. With an earworm chorus, this is a dreamy yet life-affirming pop song that makes us want to snog the face off whoever is standing next to us when we hear it. You have been warned. Pucker up. We’re in love.

Paradise - Endless Wave

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