Thursday, 11 October 2012

Skinny Lister - Seventeen Summers (Video)

The single sequence shot film is an ambitious and complicated piece of cinematography. From Alexander Sokurov’s incredible 96 minute master piece Russian Ark to the video for Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy, the unfolding flow of images as the camera moves and rotates through the scenery has a certain mesmerising and hypnotic quality.

So now we can welcome to the fold the rollicking English folk sounds of Skinny Lister and their new video for their song Seventeen Summers from the forthcoming Forty Pound Wedding EP. Ok, it may not have the same high budget treatment of either of the two previously quoted pieces of art but the challenges of getting everything in the right place at the right time remain the same. We bet Sokurov didn’t have to deal with an impatient taxi driver on the streets of Soho for example. Make sure you watch to the end, for the concluding scene made us chuckle a little. (And no that concluding scene isn't one of Lorna's infamous knicker flashing exploits)

Footnote : A couple of days ago we tweeted something about The Unthanks being the best folk band in Britain (not Mumford & Sons) and Bellowhead being the second. Of course as The Unthanks reminded us a few minutes later via 140 characters art isn’t a competition, but if it was then in terms of waist-coated folk types right now we’d put Skinny Lister above the Mumford lot, which by our estimation makes them the third best folk band in Britain; and bronze medal is not to be sniffed at, just ask Beth Tweddle. 

Skinny Lister - Seventeen Seconds (Video)

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