Friday, 12 October 2012

No Ceremony/// - Feelsolow

Today for your listening consideration we return to No Ceremony/// who have previously enchanted this blog with the likes of Holdonme and Wearme.

Their new track Feelsolow is fundamentally a pop song, albeit a leftfield pop song hidden under fuzzy vocal effects and an initial air of intensity and melancholy. Yet as the track develops electronic shimmers appear, the beat picks up a notch and suddenly we’re losing ourselves in some sort of hazy, synthy, pulsing euphoric heaven. “Is it wrong to make you love me?” the vocals ask. Not at all. In fact this is a song not just to make you fall in love with but to make some as well. Although the idea of choosing particular songs in advance of some potential hot-blooded bedroom action is a bit of a cheesy cliché, if we were bringing you back ‘for coffee’ we’d quite possibly put this one on to get us in the mood. Ladies, if you’re coming out for a night with Breaking More Waves, you have been warned.

Feelsolow ? More like Feelsohigh. (It's free to download as well - even better)

No Ceremony/// - Feelsolow

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