Friday, 5 October 2012

Misty Miller - The Devil

“I often feel people misconstrue me as a musician because of my previous album.” The words on Misty Miller’s Tumblr say everything that needs to be said. Let’s be clear about this; the sweet 16 year old folky ukulele singer is long gone. The reference points now are something very different. Some of the things we hear when we hear Misty Miller in 2012 are 50’s rock n roll, The Headcoatees, Pulp Fiction, Karen-O, guitars, Patti Smith, Hanging out in garages smoking, PJ Harvey, staying up all night drinking, The Sonics, basement gigs, black leather jackets, lost weekends and David Lynch.

This is Misty Miller version 2.0. Version 1.0 was sweet, clean and nice to take home to the parents. Version 2.0 is raw, rougher, ballsy and far less likely to nauseate you on the fourth listen. Your parents will still like her though because her new music will probably remind them of something they liked in the past.

Yesterday Misty uploaded 5 new songs to the internet under the simple title EP. Our favourite is The Devil. A grainy and nostalgic torch song we visualise Misty playing this at the end of the night, in a darkened room, single spotlight on her before heavy velvet curtains close around her. You can hear the other songs on the EP here.

Misty Miller - The Devil


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pike360 said...

This song is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes