Tuesday, 30 October 2012

San Zhi - Ice Light (Video)

Warning. This post is largely mindless waffle ("aren't they all?" the crowd shouts). If you don't like blog posts about blogging and the concepts behind them go straight to the bottom and press play on the video. Otherwise read on.

Last week we had a small twitter conversation with Mike Taylor of Amazing Radio and The Big Beat Blog fame. He posed a question about music. “How old does something have to be for it not to be considered new?” Our reply was that it largely depended on context; new to you personally, or an audience? Then the next criteria is how musically educated are the audience? 

Breaking More Waves is primarily a new music blog which means that by and large you won’t find us posting about a song released five years ago, unless we’re running some sort of special feature such as last year’s Music That Made Me which was purposely designed to give some background to the authorship of Breaking More Waves and to react against the throwaway culture that new music blogging can arguably help perpetuate.

However our difficulty in deciding what to post as ‘new’ (providing that it meets the most important criteria – that we must like it) is that we don’t know our regular readers. What have they already heard and what haven’t they heard? It’s why quite often we like to write more than just a standard review / description of the music, because at least if as a reader you already know the song or band you might find something of value / funny / entertaining / thought provoking in the text to make your visit worthwhile. It always gives us great pleasure when people say to us that they don’t like all the music on Breaking More Waves but they enjoy reading it anyway.

It’s why yesterday today we posted a ‘new’ act called Twigs.Twigs is an artist that many blogs first posted about this summer, but we hope that our post shed a little more light on Twigs than most. For example the post linked to a piece of music that Twigs was streaming 2 years ago, way before any blog had featured or probably heard of her, which other blogs hadn’t picked up on. This leads us back to the original question; how old does something have to be for it not to be considered new? With only slightly over 100 plays for most people the ‘old’ Twigs track is probably ‘new’. Yet it’s actually quite old.

New music blog? Or new-old music blog perhaps? Does it really matter? Probably not. But then it probably does, because despite our waffle what probably first brought you here was something to do with the discovery or finding out more about new music.

So here’s some more new-old music, as we’ve featured this alluring tune before as a stream in September, but now the band in question, San Zhi, has a video. Except the video has already been on line a month. So it’s not particularly ‘new’ either. But then at the time of writing the video only has just under 3,000 views which means that there’s a huge amount of people who haven’t seen it. We can only hope that you’re one of them. This is San Zhi and the video for Ice Light. New or not it remains absolutely lovely.

San Zhi - Ice Light

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