Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Jetta - New Waves

Yesterday we mentioned on the blog how over the last few years the UK doesn’t seem short of big voiced female singers. From Adele to Florence and all those in between, big songs + big lungs = big results commercially. Now this observation is nothing new, lots of commentators have said something similar. However, what normally happens now is that those commentators (who are often male) make some vaguely sexist comment about how the market is over saturated with these female singers which frankly is ridiculous considering approximately half the world is made up of women. 

So today we’re introducing Jetta

This Liverpool born lass has previously worked as a backing singer for both Cee-Lo-Green and Paloma Faith (we can imagine her outsinging both) as well as Jakwob where she laid down her titanic tones on his dubstep track Electrify. However, it’s Jetta’s debut solo single, the authoritative Start A Riot that has put her under our spotlight. Here Zetta captures the current big song zeitgeist perfectly;  with a heavyweight soul vocal and a tune that crashes around like it wants to smash its way out of a box labelled ‘third Florence album’. 

Comparisons will inevitably also be drawn with Emile Sandé and Leona Lewis in the UK, but Start A Riot sounds as if it bubbles with a darker intent than either of those two middle of the road artists. It's is an impressive start. Jetta’s out of the traps now, let’s see how far she goes.

Jetta - Start A Riot


Anonymous said...

Great: a new pet hate to watch out for.

Scryst said...

Love this song.

Great find.