Monday, 1 October 2012

Antibang - New Waves

Today we introduce a new band that frankly have us a little perplexed, but intrigued. They’re called Antibang and they’re from Leeds. They’re chaotic, noisy, a bit silly, a bit indie, a bit arty, a bit odd and have a debut video that features an orgy of trampolines, feathers, spouting blood and sawn off pigs heads which is in equal parts grossly disgusting and insanely fun. Their music features some Los Campesinos! style shouting, lyrics about dry wet dream trampolines and laser beams, off-kilter instrumentation and despite the deranged madness of it all, something that is hugely appealing (yes there’s actually a proper chorus in there somewhere). Call us mad but Antibang are the kind of band we’d like to hang out with. They’d probably strip us naked and have us rolling about in a paddling pool of permanent ink whilst spanking us with a feather duster, but frankly we wouldn’t care. In fact we’d probably really enjoy it.

All These Toys is the first thing that Antibang has released to the world, originally on Soundcloud a few months back but now in a re-recorded form for this video.

We’ve heard uncomfirmed reports of their live shows featuring lycra, face paint, lots of drumming and percussion, a saxophone and a bunch of songs that leave you with a feeling as if you’ve just had sex with your best friend; confused, a bit uncomfortable, but under it all slightly pleased with yourself. Someone will probably describe them as "a bit shit." Someone else will probably describe them as "the best band I've seen this year."

If you only watch one video this week watch this one. It’ll either make you smile or be sick. Probably not suitable for vegetarians or the squeamish.

Antibang - All These Toys


Justin Lam said...

That video was hard to watch :S

Scryst said...

Not sure if that was brilliant or sick.

Oink oink.

Chris said...