Monday, 1 October 2012

Gabrielle Aplin - Please Don't Say You Love Me (2nd Video)

We all know that every relationship is flawed and there is no such thing as perfection, right ? Those who believe that faultlessness exists are just asking to be massively let down at some point, their dreams left in tatters. Maybe that’s a terribly cynical view? Or maybe it’s just a view that allows us to accept the real world and carry on without being dragged down?

Whatever your opinions on the matter Gabrielle Aplin’s new video for her forthcoming single Please Don’t Say You Love Me (released November 18th) shows how sometimes relationships aren’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t work, even if sometimes like broken down cars they need a bit of care and attention to keep them going again.

This film follows on from the official lyric video which we featured back in September (here) should you fancy a spot of karaoke with Gabrielle’s music.

Gabrielle Aplin - Please Don't Say You Love Me

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