Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Visions of Trees - No Flag vs No Scrubs

Music blogs are written by and large by geeky male fan boys aren’t they? Usually the kind of fan boy that thinks his nerdy obsession with music is cool and probably uses words like ‘awesome’ and ‘incredible’ rather a lot, but the reality is that whilst he’s sitting at home playing laptop hipster the rest of the world is just getting on with business as usual, not giving a damn about his ‘amazing’ blog, Hype Machine love, numbers of hits and his internet ‘friends’ that actually he’s never met. We’re not like that at all though. Are we?

So here’s Tuesday’s episode of high fiving super love from some fairly new cats on the block. It’s kind of awesome, kind of incredible and we’ve featured this band quite a lot on our amazing blog recently; but not because we’re geeky, but because we are ON THE CASE. Feel our pain because we’re so hip it hurts. It’s Visions of Trees and their mash up of TLC’S No Scrubs with their own track No Flag which we featured just a few days ago here – and yes, we were the first ones to get it on Hype Machine, because we’re that cool. OK, we’re the only blog to get it on Hype Machine so far, but that’s because we don’t follow the in crowd, because we’re like unique – yeah? In fact we’re so rad (we just love using that word it’s just so super awesome) that we named Visions of Trees in our Ones to Watch for 2011, because dudes, they’re just like, gonna take off, like a spaceship, they’re so hot. And we should know, because it takes one to know one. You know what we’re saying, right? Because you read this blog you know too.

So we’re done here now. We’re off to stroke our hard drive. Mmmm sexy. Who needs a girlfriend? Geeky? Breaking More Waves? No way dude, we’re like tres cool…… aren’t we? Aren’t we? Somebody? Please tell us. Anybody? Please……..

NO FLAG v NO SCRUBS by Visions of Trees