Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Admiral Fallow - New Waves

The secret ingredient in much great new music is time. Not every music blog can be first past the post with every artist in the world. Sometimes things have to slowly develop and grow organically.

Here’s a band that in terms of our listening experience have done just that. They are relatively new to us although they originally formed in 2007 under the name Brother Louis Collective. They have already released an album entitled Boots Met My Face in 2010 in Scotland and are now gearing up to give the record a full UK re-release in March 2011. There’s a very good chance that this release will gain this band - Admiral Fallow - a whole new army of fans.

A six piece consisting of Louis Abbott, Sarah Hayes, Joe Rattray, Kevin Brolly, Philip Hague and Craig Grant, the bands rousing, evocative tunes mix guitars, flute, clarinet, strings and double bass to create indie folk rock songs that stand head and shoulders above many of the peer group. In fact we’d go as far to say that they are quite possibly our new favourite band. Take one listen to Subbuteo below, where lead singer Louis’ voice gently narrates the song through “bangers in the wheely bins, lazer pens shone through the glass” and missing “rain on the roof, pit stop paths and whistling streams,” until the whole thing explodes in a fanfare of trumpets and crashing drums and you’ll see why. The other track we’re streaming is Delivered – a sweet narrative about the end of life. “Cameras in your blood stream and heartbeats from your batteries and limited reserve,” sings Louis with his restrained warm Scots accent until an almost prog rock ending shows that the band have bags full of variety in their repertoire.

Listen to Admiral Fallow below, and if you’re not touched then check your pulse because you’re probably dead.

The band will release a new single Squealing Pigs in March, followed by the album. They also play SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Both of the tracks streaming below can be downloaded for free from the Admiral Fallow bandcamp. These songs are why music is such a wonderful thing.

Admiral Fallow - Subbuteo by Breaking More Waves

Admiral Fallow - Delivered (Alt Version) by Breaking More Waves

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