Friday, 7 January 2011

Kyla La Grange - Walk Through Walls

Big ballsy guitars, female vocals out of the Maria McKee school of country tinged rock girls and drums that the word crash was really invented for give a powerful introduction to the new single by songstress Kyla La Grange - who you may remember from Breaking More Waves back in March and April last year.

Following up her support slots this winter with I Blame Coco, Kyla’s new material is a free download entitled Walk Through Walls – you can put it on your PC or laptop from the Soundcloud player below. If we were directing a video for this song we could easily imagine scenes shot on windswept mountains and in vast derelict churches, Kyla dressed in flowing robes trailing romantically and seductively out behind her as shards of glass rain down like surreal raindrops. If visualisation of music isn’t your thing and maybe you’re a bit more kinetic, then just feel the full blast of the guitar wattage here, this is a powerhouse of a song, the kind of stuff that when played live it’s ok to pull a gurning* face to whilst placing one foot on a speaker stack in a rock god pose.

Kyla will shortly be announcing some UK dates, so maybe we’ll see you down the front for one of those and see if he gives it the gurn. She is also due to play SXSW in Austin, Texas in March.

*Note for non-UK readers who may not be familiar with the art of the gurn or gurning, all is explained here.

Kyla La Grange - Walk Through Walls by Stayloose


Electric Sue said...

yes love it and I'm even OK with the Maria McKee comparison


Anonymous said...


lesley said...

oh no. but normally i love your picks.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Well Lesley we can't please everyone all of the time :) keep reading / listening though, there may be something else that takes your fancy soon....