Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Delta Maid - The Changes Made

How does the best music affect you? Is it just entertainment? Is it something to fill the air when there’s nothing else there? Or is it something that stirs an emotion and connects with you in some way? The Changes Made by Delta Maid is most certainly the later in our case. It’s a beautiful, humble sounding piece of work, fashioned from soft acoustic guitar and the sweetest of voices that owes great debt to American country and blues music. Listen for just a few seconds and you can hear tones of Jewel and Stevie Nicks, even though Delta Maid is from Liverpool, UK. This may not be the most fashionable sound, but as we’ve said before fashion is transient, the cool of today is tomorrows naff – better to play and listen to music that speaks to you, irrespective of genre, time or place. Delta Maid’s music is not the stuff of Hype Machine listings (although by virtue of this blog her music will be present there) or Pitchfork credibility, but it’s a special crop all of its own.

We first featured Delta Maid last July and since then she has been out on tour supporting Seth Lakeman. Now bizarrely she is about to support every mothers favourite Gary Barlow at Shepherds Bush Empire, London for his special fortieth birthday charity gig. The audience will be made up of invited guests, plus 1,200 Gary Barlow and Take That fans who entered a special lottery to buy tickets. We’re not quite sure how she’ll go down at that, for songs like The Changes Made need utter stillness and a perfectly silent audience to be fully appreciated. So before you click the play button and listen to this song make sure everything is quiet and that you won’t be disturbed. Then close your eyes, sit back and immerse yourself in her radiantly sublime sound - make a connection.

An album called Outside Looking In is due in March. Download the song from here.

Delta Maid - The Changes Made by Delta Maid

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