Thursday, 9 December 2010

Visions of Trees - Ones to Watch 2011 #9

How would you define ‘sexy’? Because as far as we’re concerned, the music that London based boy-girl duo Visions of Trees make is very sexy. Our penultimate choice in our Ones to Watch list create ambient soundscapes of woozy synths, mix and match beats and strong ethereal female vocals that dissolve into the brain like soothing Ibuprofen, taking away any pain and leaving just a calm beauty that will make you want to slowly sway-dance in the mists, or possibly make love in a forest. As we said, they are very sexy.

2010 has seen Visions of Trees receive significant blog coverage with a number of low key releases, festival slots, gigs and remixes including their brilliant reworking of See Spaces for Teeth (below). In 2011 their profile is likely to grow further. The first instalment of this will be the release of Sometimes It Kills / No Flag through Moshi Moshi in February with more to follow after that.

Vision of Trees consists of Joni Juden and Sara Atalar. The name is a reference to Joni’s childhood, spent living amongst trees and wild animals. He’s been quoted as loving the rawness and purity of nature, dreaming about running away and living in the woods.

Visions of Trees may not be the most obviously commercial band of our Ones to Watch 2011 but their seductive sound is probably going to do its best to coax you into some erotic musical fee-loving.


Sometimes It Kills by Visions of Trees

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