Friday, 7 January 2011

Fixers - Iron Deer Dream

Oxford’s Blessing Force collective have picked up a substantial amount of UK media coverage – the buzz of a new scene being something that will get your average NME hack sweating in pre-coital excitement. But let’s not be cynical here – sometimes scenes can be healthy in terms of artistry and support, as we identified back in September 2009 here.

Psychedelic pop five piece Fixers are associated with Blessing Force and amongst their midst contain a landscape gardener, which suggests that the band have more than just music as a bed of their creativity. Last year at Wychwood Festival we strolled into the tent where they were playing to catch the last few notes of their flowering set and immediately cursed ourselves for not arriving earlier. Now with a new single being released and tour to follow – we’re determined not to miss out again.

Their new single Iron Deer Dream is a three and a half minute nugget of Animal Collective meets Brian Wilson referencing multi-layered wonder and bodes well for long term love rather than flash in the pan pop hype.

The band will be out on the road in the UK this February with a tour that calls at Sheffield, Brighton, Southampton, London, Manchester, Cardiff and Bristol. We’ll almost certainly be expanding our musical mind at one of these shows and experiencing their vision of harmonious head-in-the-clouds flightiness. Iron Deer Dream is released on the 21 February as a 7inch single through Young and Lost Club. Experimental pop that’s really rather good.

Fixers - Iron Deer Dream by Breaking More Waves

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