Sunday, 30 January 2011

Trophy Wife - The Quiet Earth / White Horses

This coming week Brighton’s dark soundscape magicians Esben & The Witch release their debut album Violet Cries which should you be quick and order from Rough Trade you will also receive a bonus 4 track CD. The three-piece are also about to go out on tour to promote the album. Expect skulls, lanterns and to be uncomfortably spooked if you’re in attendance at one of their shows. We’ll be catching their biggest headlining gig to date in their home city later this week.

Supporting them on the first leg of the tour are a band who we featured on the blog back last AugustTrophy Wife. Since then the Oxford group have supported Foals and released their debut single Microlite through Moshi Moshi. They’re about to follow it up with another Moshi Moshi release – The Quiet Earth and it’s backed with the song White Horses.

The Quiet Earth continues the same laidback indie grooves that their debut demonstrated – in fact from what we’ve seen of the band live, pretty much all of their material follows this pattern. Subtle guitar riffs, quietly charming male vocals and just enough beats to get the feet moving a little.

They’re odd bedfellows Esben &The Witch and Trophy Wife, but when you put them under the sheets Esben & The Witch strip the beat naked and just leave sinister-strings and screwed up vocals that build towards a druggy messed-up climax that never actually happens. You can hear it all in the remix of White Horses below, together with the originals of both sides of the single which is released on 7” and digital download on February 28.

Trophy Wife - The Quiet Earth by trophywifeband

Trophy Wife - White Horses by trophywifeband

Trophy Wife - White Horses (Esben and the Witch Remix) by trophywifeband

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