Saturday, 29 January 2011

Jessie J - Price Tag

So what’s your take on Jessie J? Inevitably after coming top of the BBC Sound of 2011 poll the singer has come under immense security – and opinions are much divided. There’s no argument that Jessie J can sing – even when she was 15 she was picking up awards for her vocal talent - she won best young pop singer at the Prodigy of the Year Awards. A couple of weeks ago we witnessed her live ourselves at a packed club show and can confirm that her voice is as strong as they get – even if she is prone to the odd moment of Mariah Carey over-elaborate vocal gymnastics. There’s also no argument than she can string a hook and a melody together into something very commercial and contemporary sounding – Do It Like A Dude was a slow burner of a single that tested her label Universal’s new 'on air on sale' policy, being released in November and finally hitting number 2 in January. The question that remains with Jessie J is can she now maintain a longer term career? Even in the world of commercial pop, talent isn’t the only factor that counts.

On Monday she follows up Do It Like A Dude with Price Tag featuring B.o.B, it’s the opening track from her debut album Who You Are which is due for release at the end of March. Streaming below are a couple of remixes of the song and an alternate version she recorded with Devlin.

Jessie J - Price Tag ft Devlin by PurplePR

Jessie J - Price Tag (Benny Page Remix) by PurplePR

Jessie J - Price Tag (Shux Remix) by PurplePR

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