Friday, 14 January 2011

Labyrinth Ear - Navy Light (4am remix)

We’ve supported and posted a number of times on the ice-disco sounds of Labyrinth Ear – and in this (for us) relatively short post we wanted to flag up a new remix they’ve just released to the world. The track Navy Light we featured last year, but this 4am remix is not (we assume) a late night relation to the gossip-gone toxic 3am girls of the Mirror but instead a deftly cool piece of repetitively pulsing computer love. It’s the sound of robots with a heart, or humans with an internal circuit board and was actually created by the band themselves, rather than pushing it out to somebody else. You can download it below.

Since we last featured Labyrinth Ear the London duo have also created remixes for Morning Parade and Alex Winston, which you’ll also find below. Enjoy their very European sound.

Navy Light (4am Mix) by Labyrinth Ear

Morning Parade - Under the Stars (Labyrinth Ear Remix) by Labyrinth Ear

Alex Winston - Choice Notes (Labyrinth Ear Remix) by Labyrinth Ear

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