Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Star Slinger - New Waves

Can musical bedroom laptop production be sexy? The answer is a resounding yes when Star Slinger is in town, because he makes music that could quite easily get you shimmying out of your clothes, naked and grinding very quickly.

Star Slinger is rapidly becoming one of the most blogged artists around and it’s easy to see why. His chopped and spliced samples of old soul, r&b and hip-hop may be the kind of thing that hundreds of wannabe bedroom producers aspire to – but Star Slinger does it incredibly well. From the horny jams of Do It Myself a track that ends with the sounds of a girl in the throes of sexual climax, to the fidgety fractures of Word – a piece not dissimilar to the work of Gold Panda -Star Slinger has the grooves. In fact he already has a bucketful of them on line and an album entitled Volume 1 available to download. Volume 1 samples everything from child-fronted reggae bands (Musical Youth) on Dutchie Courage to funk (Parliament) to 90’s soul (Mint Condition), to 80’s bagpipe guitar rock (Big Country) plus more and it’s this musical mish-mash that reminds us very much of The Avalanches (whatever happened to them?). It’s as good to listen to at home as it is to attempt to dance to, or at least nod your head to.

Star Slinger is one Darren Williams from Manchester, formerly from a small village in Nottinghamshire. He suggests that he likes the eighties, Sweden, dusty records, synthesisers, hip-hop, Henry Rollins, curvy exotic women and solitary animals, which sounds fine to us. Enjoy a sample of his glitchily seductive tunes below. Star Slinger is touring the U.S and Canada this February with Baths and Braids. We only hope that with him giving so much free music away he actually finds a way to make it pay.

Star Slinger - Do It Myself (NSFW) by Star Slinger

Star Slinger - Word by Star Slinger

STAR SLINGER - SLOW 'N' WET by Star Slinger

Star Slinger - Dutchie Courage by Star Slinger

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