Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Picture Book - New Waves

A broad musical perspective and open-mindedness has always been something we’ve tried as best as possible to embrace. As we listen to more and more music we find that our tastes widen and to a certain extent they become harder to predict. It probably helps that we’re based in the UK where we’re lucky to have incredibly fantastic radio shows such as those of Huw Stephens, Rob Da Bank and much of BBC 6 Music’s output, where indie sits comfortably next to pop, dance, folk, hip-hop and experimental music. It’s a rich tapestry that many other countries simply don’t have in their national broadcasting output. It’s one of the reasons why music blogs are increasingly important in the USA, where much music programming is very genre specific and unchallenging.

The beauty of an expansive musical alphabet is that it enables us to bring lo-fi guitar delights such as The Notes, and then 12 hours later some uplifting electropop that makes us go a little bit ga-ga-dance-round-handbag-mental the next. Featuring the charismatic vocals of Faroe Islander Greta Svabo Bech - you may have heard her on Raise Your Weapon by Deadmau5 - Picture Book are a three piece group based in Liverpool who have the ability to produce beautiful club-bound anthems packed with grace and euphoria in equal measure. Having been picked up by the legendary Seymour Stein, the man who formed Sire Records and was responsible for bringing the likes of Madonna and The Talking Heads to the world, you may expect a fair amount of buzz about Picture Book as the year goes on.

From the delirious radio friendly People In Love which raves it up like Faithless in their prime, to the hands in the air hedonistic pulses of Sunshine – it’s perfect for that sexy swimwear clad dancing by the sands Ibiza moment – Picture Book are a band who are designed to make you feel good.

Let the joy commence - thank god for expansive musical taste – Picture Book are going to take you higher.

My Love (demo) by Picture Book

People In Love (demo) by Picture Book

EXPLOSIONS (unmastered) by Picture Book

Sunshine (Demo) by Picture Book

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