Thursday, 13 January 2011

Creep - Days

Featuring the vocal caress of The XX’s Romy the debut single by the duo Creep sounds darkly soothing and very of the moment – all clipped beats and menacing dark electro flourishes – there’s references here to Depeche Mode, Zola Jesus (yes it's the second time we've mentioned her as a reference point today - see our previous post on Creatures Of Love) and of course The XX themselves. These XX links explain why Days is being released by Young Turks – the label that first revealed The XX to the world.

As the majority of mainstream chart pop music becomes ever more airbrushed and insubstantial it seems that the more underground movement towards the darkness and minimalism continues to grow – from the heaviness of dubstep to the horror headf*cks of the witch house movement, contemporary music finally seems to be finding a sound, if not yet a voice to represent these sour times and these references are heading slap bang into the mainstream - even Britney's new single gives it some dubstep wobble.

Creep are New Yorkers Lauren Dillard and Lauren Flax and have been collaborating with Warren Fischer of Fischerspooner on an incredibly atmospheric video for the song, yet to be officially released, which takes gothic undertones and adds creative use of colour to make something that seems pretty special. You can watch Warren talking about the video here.

Days is released on the 25 January.

CREEP / Days by Young Turks


James said...

Love this track, and agree, we could do a lot worse than stuff like this hitting the mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Dude, this is 100% the real shit.