Friday 19 January 2024

Song of the Week - Wynona - Feeling For Edges

Today’s song of the week comes from Southampton based Natalie Woodward and Rich Willats, who jointly call themselves Wynona and describe their music as ‘Mum-Jean’ rock. I’m not quite sure what that is but I’m all for inventing genres so I’ll go with it.

However, a warning to all mums in jeans. The rules of pop Chapter 12 section 3.7 specifically state that jeans shouldn’t be worn over the age of 33 and a third (it’s all tied up with jeans being a revolutionary trouser and once you’re over that age, revolution stops). However, a further rule hidden away in section 7.2 of the same chapter clarifies that once you get over 45 the jean wearing can start again, because at that point you’re too old too care and you are probably wearing terribly cut elasticated waist Asda Value jeans anyway. So, a note to all, check your age and ditch those jeans if you’ve hit the marker. Note this rule also applies to dads. Although Dad-Jean rock is probably not a genre I would want to hear as I suspect it would contain a lot of landfill indie.

Enough of this pointless waffle though. (Warning if you’re new to Breaking More Waves, that’s what this blog does; pointless waffle – if you want serious music journalism try The Quietus or such like).

Let’s talk about the music.

Wynona’s song is called Feeling For Edges and clocks in at a short-lived 2 minutes and forty one seconds. It throws us back to the hazy, jangly, wistful days of bands like The Sundays in its construction. It’s all gentle guitars and pretty melodies that sing of being on the brink of finding yourself but being stuck there; “I’ve been sitting on fences for the longest time.”

Feeling For Edges is laid back alt-acoustic-pop at its loveliest, kissing the ears in all the right places. It might not be pushing any boundaries, but sometimes (despite the song being called Feeling For Edges) beauty can be found in the middle.

You’ll find this one on the Breaking More Waves New Music Weekly Playlist this week, which is updated every Friday (yes, that's today). Click here to listen to that and follow.

Wynona - Feeling For Edges


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