Friday 26 January 2024

Song of the Week - Nadine Shah - Greatest Dancer

I’ve been a fan of Nadine Shah for some time now. Probably like many people I first discovered her music by way of BBC 6 Music. I think Nadine herself realises how important 6 Music has been in her career. The first time I saw her live she stared into the audience, smiled and proclaimed: “Ah! The smell of 6 Music is here.”

As Nadine gets ready to release her 5th album Filthy Underneath, I’m pleased to report that the quality of her songs just gets better and better. Latest track Greatest Dancer is no exception.  Featuring stomping glam-rock marching drums (a few years ago we might have referred to them as Gary Glitter drums, but that’s probably best not done now is it?) and gloriously raw stabs of synth (Is it even possible to make electronic music sound raw rather then polished? It appears so) the song is a triumph. And let’s not forget Shah’s voice. She makes a song about sitting watching Strictly Come Dancing on TV sound celestial.

The song heads up this week’s Breaking More Waves New Music Playlist (which you can find and follow by clicking here). Get ready for it to lift you up and as S Club 7 once suggested, reach for the stars.

Nadine Sha - Greatest Dancer

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