Wednesday 22 February 2023

NEW #67 Miss Tiny


I’ve debated in the past about what is ‘new’ in the context of music, something that probably isn’t that important to anyone else, but as the writer of an occasionally posting new music blog these are the sort of things I think about. Imagine being my partner and the exciting discussions I bring to the table: "So, if you've never heard The Beatles before, are they a new band? Are their songs new music?"

Today’s new band are pretty damn new by most definitions. After all they released their debut single today. Or are they?

A quick consultation with the internet tells us that they’re not quite the fresh-faced teenage discovery I thought they might be. For Miss Tiny is actually producer / guitarist record label owner Dan Carey (Wet Leg, Fontaines DC, Honeyglaze, Kae Tempest etc) and vocalist / drummer Benjamin Romans-Hopcraft from Childhood and Warmduscher. They’ve been friends for many years and originally formed the band together under the terrible name What It’s Like To Be A Rat, debuting at Brixton Windmill last year. Having deemed that name “too evil sounding” they’ve become Miss Tiny, after a nickname to Benjamin’s grandmother who passed away during recording.

The aforementioned debut single from Miss Tiny is called The Sound (no it's not a cover of The 1975 song) and is streaming below in video form. It is best described as a slow-motion lo-fi scuffed up around the edges take on Peter Gunn. It’s not a one off, but the first take from a bigger project of which no doubt we’ll hear more soon. But for now get your groove on to this dirty and enjoyably unpleasant beast.

Miss Tiny - The Sound

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