Thursday 2 February 2023

NEW #66 Gurriers


There’s been quite a storm of shouty (and spoken) post-punk raging out Ireland over the last few years and for the moment at least it seems that the lightning does indeed strike more than once, because Gurriers are the next band from those shores to hit with a vicious and venomous thwhack

Official debut single Approachable was released this week. It has the same sort of ferocious firepower that those early Fontaines DC singles possessed – think Hurricane Laughter with even ballsier vocals. They sound like the sort of band that would send bodies flying everywhere in a sweaty pub, volume cranked up, beers flying. Tender and beautiful? Most definitely not. Intensely raw and thrilling? That’s more like it.

Gurriers consist of Emmet White, Ben O’Neill, Mark MacCormack, Pierce Callaghan and vocalist Dan Hoff who has described Approachable as being: “A tongue in cheek anthem about the rising far right rhetoric all over the world.”

You can find the track below and it will be streaming from tomorrow on the weekly update of the Breaking More Waves New Music Weekly playlist which you can listen to and follow here:

Gurriers - Approachable

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