Friday 22 April 2022

NEW #51 Orchid


Orchid’s Insta bio describes her as a Goth Pussycat Doll. Her Twitter says she’s a Worldwide Quirky Girly. I’m going to add a far less witty three-word slogan and just describe her as Really Quite Good. 

You’ll probably agree with me on the Really Quite Good part when you hear her track Like Thunder which is taken from Orchid’s (aka Orchideh Vishkaiy) EP of the same name and it’s been pricking up ears over the last few weeks. It’s a minimalist piece of left of centre pop that crackles with the same sort of perfectly controlled yet still deviant experimentation that the first FKA Twigs album possessed. The accompanying visual also shows that it’s possible to shoot a video in a swimming pool without resorting to tackiness (anyone remember Sabrina’s Boys Boys Boys? Let’s not go there, OK?)

One listen to the whole of the EP, released a couple of weeks ago, will confirm two simple facts. First, Orchid isn’t a one trick pony. Second, she’s clearly in love with modern contemporary pop. Doe Eyes is the part of the Venn diagram where UK garage intersects with Britney Spears. Then there’s Later, which is a tempo shifting jam that hints at Ariana Grande and punches pretty hard with a radio friendly chorus. 

Of course, one of the things that sets the big names in pop apart is that they can do it live with venom and charisma. It’s early days for Orchid on that front and as yet there don’t seem to be any gigs announced. However, a little bit of internet searching reveals an artist of the same name supporting Glassio at The Old Blue Last in August. Could that be her? Quite possibly.

For now, let’s live with the recordings. Really quite good probably wasn’t up to scratch as a description, was it? Maybe instead let’s amend that to Quality New Pop-Star.

Orchid - Like Thunder (Video)

Orchid - Doe Eyes

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