Thursday 14 April 2022

NEW #50 Scene Queen


Scene Queen, born Hannah Collins in Ohio USA, is the latest addition to a crop of artists who are taking the sounds of RAWK, primarily the sound of nu-metal and industrial before mashing it up with hip-hop beats, nursery rhyme hooks and venomous spoken-word lyrics that go straight for the jugular of crap men.

“Pink rover, pink rover, please send the coward over. And if that bastard whistles, put a knife up to his boner,” Hannah narrates on Pink Rover as she brutally lets men know what she’s going to do about inappropriate harassment if they dare try it. In its 2 minutes of existence it rages hard. This isn’t punk rock, but pink rock as exemplified on three of the four songs she has released so far; Pink Bubblegum, Pretty in Pink (not a cover of the Psychedelic Furs song) and the aforementioned Pink Rover

Scene Queen brands her style of music as Bimbocore and if you like Ashnikko, Poppy and Poutyface then Hannah is going to be right down your kick-ass street.

Scene Queen releases her debut EP on April 29th. If you are in the UK watch out for her debut UK show at Great Escape festival this May.

Scene Queen - Pink Rover

Scene Queen - Pretty In Pink (Video)


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