Friday 8 October 2021

NEW #36 - Daisy Brain


Ah the early 90’s. Heady times. Britpop just kicking off, grunge, even the Prime Minister at the time (John Major), despite being a Conservative, at least seemed to have a degree of respect and care for the population he represented, compared to the charlatans we have in power now. (Actually I’d quite like to have chief Charlatan Tim Burgess in charge of the country – I think he’d do an OK job).

But here we are coming to the end of 2021 and there are a whole bunch of artists that sound like they’ve jetted in straight from an episode of Channel 4’s edgy youth show The Word. The latest of these tatty round the edges but quite possibly heading for brilliance artists is Will Tse who performs under the name of Daisy Brain.

His cocktail of grunge-laden guitars, catchy rock / pop songs and just a hint of emo can be heard to fine effect on his recent debut EP Let’s Go Camping. There's also previous single Boring which is full of dirty headshaking riffs and big hooks designed to make you want to put on a slightly holey striped jumper, a pair of Doctor Marten boots and mosh.

Born in Singapore to Chinese and English parents Will now lives in the UK. Following a stint in Leeds he moved to Hackney in London where he has written and produced his music in his bedroom with assistance from his pal Dan Hvorostovsky. He’s already been out on the road supporting Yungblud and next year has a handful of his own headline dates lined up including a show at Camden Assembly.

Expect to see his name cropping up on a fair few Ones to Watch lists for 2022. Yes that's 2022 not 1992.

Daisy Brain - Boring


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