Tuesday 6 April 2021

NEW #20 - Pyra


Today’s new artist is Thailand’s Peeralada Sukawat aka Pyra. Pyra describes her music as dystopian pop. Dystopian is usually used to describe something imagined in the future. Pyra believes we are living in dystopia right now. Her sound could be the soundtrack to it.

Pyra makes music that is full of messages, style and ideas and with it she also embraces her cultural roots. It is at its best on her most recent single yellow fever (featuring Ramengvrl and Yayoi Daimon) released last month. yellow fever deals with the sexual fetishizing of Asian women by non-Asian men and is accompanied by a video that finds a bunch of dodgy old sex tourists heading into a Thai bar. “This one is for all my Asian girls out there who’ve been asked to do favours to quench the thirst of em’ pervs,” Pyra says. As you’d probably expect it doesn’t go the way the men planned.

With its electronic nu-metal / heavy bass backing and acidic delivery Pyra takes no prisoners: “Bet you think the yellow screams louder, and all the Bangkok babies are designer, bet your wondering if I got a vagina, wow that’s crazy,” If you’re a fan of Ashnikko you’ll certainly find some commonality here alongside the nu-metal elements of artists like Poppy and Grimes. If these reference points tick your boxes then I’m pretty certain Pyra’s music will as well.

Whilst yellow fever is my favourite track so far there are plenty of other thrills, spills and a bit of pain to be found in Pyra’s world. On You Tube you can find her performing her track bangkok whilst getting a thai massage and the theme continues when she gets a tattoo whilst performing her song dystopia

She’s clearly not a fan of capital letters either, with all of these songs being titled fully in lower case. That continues on plastic world which takes on consumerism and global warming with a danceable pop tune.

Watch the video for yellow fever below – it’s strikingly brilliant - and enter Pyra's world.

Pyra - Yellow Fever 

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