Thursday 9 July 2020

Sofi Tukker (ft Gorgon City) - House Arrest

Feeling a bit shite? Is Covid-19 getting you down? Does the world seem a bit f*cked up? OK. Here’s a solution. You need a banger. A 100% epic pop banger. With recent research (here) showing that pop music is now playing at the fastest it’s been for a decade (the average tempo of the top 20 best sellers each year is up to 122 beats per minute) it seems that all we want to do in these weird times is dance dance dance. As I suggested around the time when I reactivated this blog at the start of lockdown, one of the most important jobs for musicians right now is to entertain and put some happiness in people's lives. I can’t think of a better tune to achieve that feeling and shake that booty to than Sofi Tukker’s House Arrest.

Having already clocked up big numbers on streaming services with the track now our favourite New York based musical duo have delivered the official video which shows what they’ve been up to during lockdown.

Remember when this all started and it seemed like every single act on the planet was rushing to their bedrooms to film a poor quality Instagram live stream of them strumming their acoustic guitar and wailing badly, thereby demonstrating how rubbish a lot of live music can be when cobbled together quickly and without good production, then disappeared from view? 

Well, not Sofi Tukker. 

No, our dynamic duo took the ‘it’s a marathon not a sprint’ approach and bedded down for some serious DJing. That is to say serious in commitment, but not in intent; their sets have been a riotous romp of elation and warmth. Sofi Tukker have become my best friends on the internet; producing a daily soundtrack of escapism for over 100 days now. I love the way they just naturally dance in the same rhythm, sidestepping together without even looking at each other. I love their humour and friendliness; this isn’t some faceless DJ duo going through the motions, telling you to put your hands in air whilst they dream of the cash they’re raking in. I love their colour and joy. And I love the tunes they play.

Did I mention House Arrest is an absolute banger?

Well sometimes things are worth repeating.

Watch the video, which features some clips of their sets, fans dancing to them (including a penguin) and a lightning strike. Then realise why Sofi Tukker has owned lockdown.

If you need some banger education. This is it. By the end you’ll have graduated with a first class honours degree in bangerism.

Footnote: Gorgon City feature as well – but to be honest I didn't really notice. 

Sofi Tukker - House Arrest (Video)

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