Saturday, 18 July 2020

Introducing : lilo

Today’s new band, a duo, merge UK folk and US singer-songwriter styles with a pleasing serenity and beauty.

But before we go any further, I should add that this ‘Introducing’ post feels a little bit like a lie; I already featured lilo on Breaking More Waves - back in 2018. However, then they were called Lilo’s Wall and at the time the ‘soft acoustic strums, golden harmonies and a calm intimacy’ that I described I thought would lead to further releases. It didn’t happen.

Now in 2020 we have that music. Alongside a name change (lilo with no capital L – hence a new post under the Introducing banner). 

Everything else is present and correct. There’s not been a huge stylistic change with the shortened name; lilo haven’t suddenly decided to have a go at becoming grime superstars, launch into some dark DIY psychedelic rock and their career as pumping house DJs will have to wait for now. Their new songs are still all about a cosy camp fire tranquillity, showing that quiet can still speak volumes. The Staves are still a definite point of reference. They still sound rather lovely - if music were an action then lilo's would be a hug, which given the current social distancing guidance in the UK, we could all probably do with right now.

There are 5 tracks up on Bandcamp (1 is a demo) and 4 of those are also on Spotify. Take a listen to latest release Simply Put, which went online yesterday. The duo have written of the track: "This song is about feeling like you're not being listened to, and about questioning your worth and value, especially as a woman™ in music™ and in relationships™. Sometimes it can feel very tiring to realise as you grow up that you gradually get listened to less and less." I hope that everyone reading this will listen.

lilo - Simply Put

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