Sunday 28 July 2019

Introducing: Morning Midnight

He’s the singer songwriter coming from a more traditional indie rock background, she’s the one with leanings towards hip-hop and electronics. Together this new Glasgow based duo go by the name of Morning Midnight and their single Ancoats Junction is an enticing debut that is more Bruce Hornsby than Bruce Springsteen, but whoever it sounds like, it’s a boss tune. 

Continuing the reference points that begin with B there’s a hint of Bon Iver in there when Jordan Scott sings of saying goodbye and finding his own way home, hitting the high notes. Yes, Ancoats Junction is a song about separation, the end of a relationship, but it also signals the start of something new that has real possibilities. 

Morning Midnight is very much a band in its infancy having formed last year and seemingly having only played 2 shows (both in the last few weeks) one supporting Sorcha Richardson in London. Hopefully there will be more soon.

A lovey start.

Morning Midnight - Ancoats Junction

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