Wednesday 7 June 2017

New Music: Alvvays - In Undertow

“What sort of music do you like?” It’s one of those questions I dread being asked. Mainly because I usually end up giving the lamest of answers: “All sorts.” But it’s true. Not only do I like many different genres (more than I write about on this blog) but I’m interested in all sorts of music – even the stuff I don’t like. My view is that if you don’t remain interested in more than just what you enjoy you end up living in a very unhealthy taste bubble - a conservative and snobbish one that just plays safe and ultimately (usually around middle age and parenthood) becomes boring and out of touch. 

However, if someone had asked me the what sort of music do you like question yesterday or today, the answer I would give would have been this: “The new Alvvays song In Undertow” The chances are the person asking the question (assuming they weren’t one of my small but wonderful group of ‘music friends’) would have then either looked blankly at me, shrugged their shoulders or just asked “Who?” It's probably also the sort of song that regular readers of the blog would argue doesn't fit into the 'I like all sorts' box - because it's very typical of the stuff I like. In a nutshell it's indie pop with a female vocal.

The fact that you’re reading this piece on a low key unprofessional fully independent old school fan based music blog suggests that you probably know who Alvvays are. More than that you’ve probably already heard the song. But just in case you haven’t, listen below. It’s one example of the sort of music I like with its weird electronic intro, waves of glorious guitar noise and pop melodies that sigh with a certain sadness of no turning back. I particularly like the part where lead singer Molly suggests meditating, playing solitaire or taking up self-defence,” all better break-up strategies for your mental well being than going down the pub and getting wrecked or jumping the bones of someone else just to get your ex out of your sexual system (although arguably not as much fun in the moment).

Alvvays will release a new album, Antisocialites, on 8th September. They’re playing plenty of shows to support the record as well, which you can find by clicking here.

Alvvays - In Undertow

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glastonbury 2017 said...

Perfect...luv the music..!
Keep doing the good work.. :)