Monday 19 June 2017

New Music: Haim - Little Of Your Love

This weekend coming it’s Glastonbury Festival. Or to give it its full name The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts. I’ll be there with a carefully planned timetable that I’ll try and stick to as much as possible, but Glastonbury has the habit of distracting you at every corner, so if I achieve 80% of what I’ve scheduled, I’ll be happy. 

There are however a few artists that are on my must-see list and no much how much hot (or cold) spiced cider anyone pours down my throat, I will not miss these.* 

One is Lorde (she’s arguably produced the best pop album of the year so far). Another is The National (simply because they’re The National). And a third is Haim. Why? Because having been at some of their early small sweaty club shows right through to one of their biggest – the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury in 2013 – where it all went a bit wrong for them with Este being taken ill (due to her Diabetes) I want to  see them succeed at Glastonbury.

If their new songs are anything to go by, I think they will triumph. Their latest tune Little Of Your Love, released today, has a slightly retro sound. I’m thinking 50’s rock n roll and Huey Lewis & The News. It’s a bit of a hooky bop and catchy as the common cold. Roll on the album.

*For potentially strong cider fuelled tweets follow me on Twitter at Glastonbury by clicking here @BMWavesBlog

Update: This post has been edited from the original version as I received some complaints, which having given things some consideration I feel were valid. Apologies to anyone who was offended / a bit creeped out. That wasn't my intention - I have always felt that giving evidence to explain something was important. However, the temperature of a past gig probably had no relevance to the new song. My intention was simply trying to show how I was rooting for Haim to do well at Glastonbury having been a fan from the early UK gigs.

2nd update: I've received a number of comments (a couple below and elsewhere online) saying they didn't think the original post was creepy - it just stated some facts. Which I guess just shows that not everyone perceives things the same way. However, on balance although for me the statement I made about Este was wearing only underwear as it was so hot at the gig wasn't creepy (I live in a house full of women and I am the only man and we talk about things like this all the time) I can see how some people would perceive it as such, hence changing the post. 

Haim - Little Of Your Love


Scryst said...


Robin I don't know what you wrote originally, but the internet police always seem to latch on to you when you mention hot as in temperature hot gigs.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

The complaints were about the fact that I mentioned that Este had stripped to her underwear at the gig. I thought at the time that this was relevant as it gave evidence of how hot it was at the gig.

However, having given it some consideration I can see that the temperature of the show really has no relevance to this blog post and that some people might perceive the fact that I am talking about Este in underwear as being pervy / creepy with me being male and Este being female. I understand that - even though to me it isn't - I would have written about it whatever the sex.

Unfortunately it's one of the problems of being a sole author blog - there's no editor to go 'have you really thought about what you're writing here Robin - is this the right thing to say?'

Effectively the people who read the things I put online are my editors and I'm always happy to listen to what they say and as in this case make changes where I believe they make valid points.

Hannah S said...

Didn't think the original post was creepy at all. Irrelevant to the post yes, but not creepy. You weren't lewd or rude. You just talked about something that memorable that happened. If that's creepy then this is much worse.

Anonymous said...

would you have written the same if it was a guy in his underwear?

Breaking More Waves Blog said...